Safe In The Arms of the Shepherd

Safe In The Arms of the Shepherd
This is Who we want our children to know!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Daddy and YiLi have been playing Monopoly since I got up . . .

For hours now, they have been playing one intense game of Monopoly. It was ordinary until all the properties had been purchased. Then the game began. Daddy started teaching YiLi how to wheel and deal. How about . . . if we trade this for this? Let's see. . . I'll give you X$ for this . . . Now all the properties have hotels on them and just to roll the dice can be a frightening thing . . . for Daddy at least, because he is not doing too well at the moment. I hear comments from YiLi like "I don't want any more money . . ." and "How much would three hotels be altogether?" and deep groans along with "Advance token to Boardwalk" . . . Did you know that landing on Boardwalk when it has a hotel on it costs $2,000.00?? Poor daddy! YiLi keeps coming to the computer excitedly telling me how much fun this is and how the bank is almost gone because she has all the money. She sure is lucky at games, plus she is getting pretty good at recognizing a scheme when she hears one . . .
 Jie Jie surprised YiLi by picking her up from school the day before Thanksgiving. I am pretty proud of this shot - maybe there's hope for me as a photographer yet!
 This shows more of their true personalities when they are together . . .
YiLi before "Main Street Rocks" day at school.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just some sweetie pictures, just because! Which one is your favorite?
Sam is #5 from left.

Why are "aha moments" often a little sad?

This is Mrs. Preston, YiLi's second grade teacher. Last year she had Mrs. Funk for the second half of first grade. She adored her and still sees her every day. But this year, she also likes Mrs. Preston. For the past two days, Mrs. Preston has been home very sick with a cold that took her voice away. Today is Saturday, and YiLi said this afternoon that she really really misses Mrs. Preston. I commented that it was Saturday and she wouldn't normally be seeing her on the weekend anyway, but YiLi said" Yes, but I already haven't seen her for two whole days and now this is three days!" I suggested that when Mrs. Preston comes back to the classroom that YiLi makes sure to tell her that she missed her. I told YiLi that this makes a teacher feel very very good!

But that's not the focus of the blog.

We were talking, YiLi and Daddy and I, about how a lot of people in China don't like people who have something not perfect about their bodies. All of a sudden, YiLi said," I think I know why people in China don't like people who have something wrong with them. They don't know Jesus."  At this point Daddy and I have tears welling up in our eyes. We feel proud of YiLi for her understanding and her faith. We feel sad when we think about all those children and children turned adults who have no one to care for them in China, who have never even heard the name of Jesus Then we talked about how people can be very very good even if they don't know Jesus, and they can do good things (thinking in particular about YiLi's foster family), but that their hearts aren't made new and changed.  YiLi simply said, again about her Chinee mama and baba not knowing Jesus - "They will." Oh for the faith of a child!

Please keep this matter in your prayers. We will most likely be with YiLi's foster parents in China in 3-4 weeks. I am praying for God to protect us and to open hearts and to do a mighty work through YiLi, that all of us would be faithful servants of a God who wants not one person to perish, and for the country of China to know the love of Christ who gave Himself for them and for us. This is huge in YiLi's life. I can almost see the wheels of her mind turn as she thinks about the country of China.

Her daddy told her that people who have their hearts changed by Jesus are never the same again.  They see other people like Jesus sees them. May it be true of us, and may we be clay in the Potter's hands while we are there.

"I'm pretty sure I didn't turn into a banana that night . . ."

A few weeks ago YiLi was wearing a Chiquita banana sticker. She wanted to wear it to bed, but I told her that if she wore it overnight she would turn into a banana. She didn't think she would, so she got her courage up and wore the sticker to bed. End of story - I never thought of it, she never brought it up, and I never found the sticker.

Weeks went by.

Tonight she commented that that time she wore the sticker to bed she did not turn into a banana. I replied that when I went in to wake her, she had turned into a banana, so I took off the sticker and she turned back. She said "I don't think so - is that true?" I told her it was true in the make believe world.

It's fun to tease her, but she has a good handle on what is true and what is simply make believe. I think we both suffer from wishing that some of those fairy tales were true . . .

Read my next blog for a conversation on a much more serious subject. My girl is deep! Okay, she's not always deep, she also cares about banana stickers, but at times she is wise like a little old woman.