Safe In The Arms of the Shepherd

Safe In The Arms of the Shepherd
This is Who we want our children to know!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Daddy - how old are you anyway?

Mommy:  YiLi, how old do you think Daddy will be on his birthday?
YiLi:         80?
Mommy:  (giggle a tiny bit) Not that many . . .
YiLi:         70?
Mommy:   Daddy will be 53! How old do you think Mommy will be?
YiLi:         something around 40 (that's my girl!)

Today we were talking about when all of our birthdays are. Daddy's is tomorrow, Sam's is May 25 (I wish we were together for his 6th birthday!), Grandma Grace's is May 27. I told YiLi that hers is in March, mine is in January, and Brittany's is next month in June.

Then I couldn't resist . . .

Mommy:  How old do you think Brittany will be?
YiLi:        30?

(Brittany will be 20!)

Yes, folks, I am 40 and my bio daughter is 30! 

Seriously, I am so thankful to be right here, right now, for such a time as this! Yes, I remember my younger days. I was blessed then, also. But I remember being much more preoccupied with things such as looks, clothes, trips, etc. Now we are just so thankful that God has blessed us with the privilege of being parents again (me) or for the first time (Rick).

For years we have planned a trip to London, England. My husband in particular has ALWAYS wanted to go there. But God had another plan, and I am thankful for a husband who releases a dream of a lifetime in exchange for hearing the still small voice of God to make room in our hearts and home for our children in China (number yet undetermined . . .).

So where do we go on "vacation"? Why, China, of course - can't wait!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day came early at our house!

So many precious mom relationships . . . there's my mom and I, from my earliest memory on. Then there's Brittany and me for the last nineteen years. Now here comes my first Mother's Day with our beloved YiLi in our family, a special blessing I wouldn't have forecasted five years ago, that's for sure! God has blessed us mightily, and I give Him honor and praise for bringing us together.
And then there are all the mixtures, for lack of a better word, of all these people I love when they come together. Here are some examples of what I mean:

How did my Mother's Day come early? In a million different moments, that's how! Brittany came home from her first year of college today. We had fun cleaning the car together, yep, that's right, just pal-ing around! Then we came inside and I went to the piano so that YiLi could surprise Brittany with her song for her recital on May 21st - Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music. As YiLi finished her first verse and came into the second, all the sudden I heard my two girls singing the song together! It was a special mom moment - more special than any store-bought gift could be.
My mother is becoming quite frail lately. She rarely leaves her house, but last evening was YiLi's first grade concert on the stage at school. At great effort to herself, my Mom was there at that concert. She has always been there for me and she is still trying to be there for YiLi. It just doesn't get much better than this. Well, that is, until Sam comes home . . . so stay tuned for Mother's Day 2013!