Safe In The Arms of the Shepherd

Safe In The Arms of the Shepherd
This is Who we want our children to know!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"I just want to know everything about everything!"

Tonight we were on our way home from YiLi's ophthalmologist appointment (an hour trip) and all the sudden . . . from the back seat came . . . not the sound of a sleeping child . . . but . . .

I just want to know . . .What is the sun made of?
If the sun is a star, how come it looks round?
How come the moon is sometimes round and sometimes part of it is missing?
How do "they" make stop signs?
How do they make cars?
I think I know what communion is . . . (she goes on to explain).
Well, I just want to know how does the water stay up in the clouds?
How come dandelions come up every summer without anyone planting them? (God put the seeds there.) Oh, OK! (She so easily believes about God and Who He Is.)
How come it is colder way up in the sky and we can't feel it down here?
How far up does the sky go?
How come when you jump you come back down? Why can't we fly?
So God is really really big?
Where do the lights come from in a car? In a house?
Is it the same as the lines that go this way and that way in the sky?
You mean there are nine earths?
Is there really a robot planet?
Where is heaven?
Are there more people?
What is inside the Great Wall of China? Are there people inside?
What do we do with all the garbage?
How do we recycle bottles and cans? How exactly do we do this?
How come there are some, what do you call them, really big countries like China, and some really small ones?
How does a country get started?
How long does it take to cross the ocean? How big is the biggest ocean?
How long would it take to drive across the ocean in a car?

Honestly, Daddy and I were doing our very best to answer these, plus using the opportunity to tell YiLi that as she gets to read better she can find these answers for herself, which is one reason why reading is so COOL!

As we arrived home and she got right into her jammies and got ready for bed, she said . . .

"Well, tomorrow I just want to know everything about the human body - I want to know everything about everything!"

Her language alone astonishes me. Folks, the point of this is not about bragging but just marveling how much can happen in a short nine months in the mind and soul of a child, and how marvelous  to watch a child's mind and heart open like a flower blooming, filled with curiosity and yet so easily and fully believing and absorbing truths about God and the world.

We feel an awesome responsibility and we know we are so very blessed.  Honestly, all this in the space of one single hour!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A red rubber band . . .

This week YiLi has been going to vacation Bible School at our church.  So every night we ask her what she learned, what she liked best, what friends she was making, and so on. Tonight we were asking her if she has the same teacher every night, which she does. We were trying to figure out who she is from YiLi's description. YiLi's teacher is kind of young, kind of skinny, kind of light hair like Mommy's  . . . and she wears a red rubber band around her neck . . . yup, that's what she insisted on!

When we finally got to the bottom of it, and realized she meant red bandana, Rick and I burst into laughter. (Good thing YiLi is such a good sport! She just wanted in on the joke.) So Daddy was pretending to snap his neck and then he would laugh. When she finally understood what a rubber band was, she also broke out in free flowing hysterical laughter!

My mom is really really ill right now, and we are taking on a lot of serious tasks, even YiLi is visiting and helping out. So this was just SO GOOD TO full-belly laugh for quite a few minutes.

Between laughing together and finally mailing the 134 pages of response to our IRS examination for the adoption credit, it has been a good day at our house.